About Us

Mission Statement

We are a family owned company in the greater Rochester NY area serving owners, investors & tenants alike. Our focus is on providing a detailed management solution with excellent communication, superior record keeping & diligent care of your properties all while keeping costs reasonable to maximize your income stream .  Locating profitable wholesale properties for investors as well as securing high interest rate loans for the money investors lend.


Tamburrino Properties is a real estate management, investment, private lending and development company that was established in 2007 in Rochester NY for the main purpose of property management of Rochester NY properties.

We created a one-stop-shop for investors and owners where we can locate, purchase, loan, rehab, rent and maintain properties. All that while dealing directly with the owner before and during the process.

We have the distinct advantage of having a loyal customer base, allowing us to focus our efforts and customize our services around your needs. Our goal is to establish ourselves as not the biggest management solution but the most efficient & diligent Rochester NY property management company and maximize returns and minimize headaches.

Tamburrino Properties is Rochester's premier property management group. Call us today!