Certificate Of Occupancy Chart & Transferring Question

I have come across recently questions regarding 2 family units especially regarding C of O inspection. If you buy a 2-4 unit property and there was a valid C of O in the past two years it can be … [Read more...]

Tenant Damage

A property where a tenant owed money, we sent a 3 day notice and they just up and left. Here are some pictures of how they cared (or lack of) for the unit and what they left. This is average of what … [Read more...]

Hot !!!! – Fire Damage

This is a lower unit of a property where there was a kitchen fire that spread through pretty much the entire unit. We have to get a electrical permit, apply for a new certificate of occupancy as well … [Read more...]

Wanted! – IRA & Private Investors

We have been getting a lot of opportunities recently to purchase many great properties. We are seeking IRA & private investors who want to earn 12% on secured real estate. You will always be in … [Read more...]

Brick Chimney Alternatives

This property was having a lot of issues with water getting into the chimney & running down to the basement and even rotting out the metal vent pipes from two water heaters & 2 furnaces. It … [Read more...]

Section 8 Available Rentals

Here is the most recent listing of section 8 houses and apartments currently available. Notice how few single family houses there are. They are always in high demand. There is always the most … [Read more...]

Rochester NY #1 Cash Flow Market

Top 10 Cash Flow Property Markets NuWire's rankings of the areas with the best potential for cash flow Cash flow is one of the most important considerations investors face when making real estate … [Read more...]

Burst pipe damage

This is a property we took that had a burst pipe on the 2nd floor bathroom and the plumbing above the kitchen ceiling that goes to the 2nd floor bathroom. The water not only flooded the first floor … [Read more...]

Rehab – Cady St. – After

After … [Read more...]

Rehab – Cady St. – Before

Before … [Read more...]

Rehab – Klein St. After Pictures

After   … [Read more...]

Rehab – Klein St. Before Pictures

Before … [Read more...]

For Sale – Updated Ranch

Klein St. Rochester. *54,900* A hidden gem of the neighborhood. All new double pane windows & glass block basement windows. Newer Goodman furnace, new paint, new bathroom fixtures, all new … [Read more...]

Dilapitated Garage

Here is a large two car garage that has seen better days. The roof & rafters are rotted out and is missing a garage door. It is a health & safety issue at this point. The options are to either … [Read more...]

Flat Roof Drains

It is always a smart idea when you have a property with a flat roof to make a few trips a year to have the roof cleaned off of all leaves, twigs, etc. If you do not you will have alot of standing … [Read more...]

Full Rehab Inspection – Before

This is a large single family property that the owner made a deal with a neighbor to do the work and fix the house in exchange for free rent. I am yet to see this arrangement work out. The owner … [Read more...]

Vinyl Siding Job

Here are some before and after pictures of a recent vinyl siding job we did. There was about 2200 square feet of surface that was done. It was done over old wood siding. We installed backer insulation … [Read more...]

Refinished hardwood floors

This is another service we offer. Hardwood floors are great in rentals. I wish i had some before pictures on this one. This property was a foreclosure and the previous owners had multiple dogs & … [Read more...]

Chimney flashing

This is a property that is in desperate need of a new roof. In the meantime the chimney was leaking into the attic at the base where it meets the house. You can see from the pictures that the chimney … [Read more...]

7/18 unit move out pictures

We had a tenant in a building with 4 units move out last week. She was a tenant put in there by the owners old management company and was in there for about 5 months. You can see by the pictures the … [Read more...]

Garbage Toters

Make sure when doing leases you do not forget to put a clause about making sure the don't tenants put out the garbage no more than 24 hours before the garbage pick-up and also bringing it back up to … [Read more...]

Lawn Mowings Pro’s & Con’s

Being the rainy season and the heat is here in Rochester, NY, I decided to discuss the options for lawn mowings. Single Family Houses - We have all tenants responsible for mowing and keeping the … [Read more...]

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