Brick Chimney Alternatives

This property was having a lot of issues with water getting into the chimney & running down to the basement and even rotting out the metal vent pipes from two water heaters & 2 furnaces. It … [Read more...]

Dilapitated Garage

Here is a large two car garage that has seen better days. The roof & rafters are rotted out and is missing a garage door. It is a health & safety issue at this point. The options are to either … [Read more...]

Flat Roof Drains

It is always a smart idea when you have a property with a flat roof to make a few trips a year to have the roof cleaned off of all leaves, twigs, etc. If you do not you will have alot of standing … [Read more...]

Vinyl Siding Job

Here are some before and after pictures of a recent vinyl siding job we did. There was about 2200 square feet of surface that was done. It was done over old wood siding. We installed backer insulation … [Read more...]

Chimney flashing

This is a property that is in desperate need of a new roof. In the meantime the chimney was leaking into the attic at the base where it meets the house. You can see from the pictures that the chimney … [Read more...]

Lawn Mowings Pro’s & Con’s

Being the rainy season and the heat is here in Rochester, NY, I decided to discuss the options for lawn mowings. Single Family Houses - We have all tenants responsible for mowing and keeping the … [Read more...]

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