IRA & Private Lending

We are currently looking to expand our real estate investment portfolio and have been been working with individuals with IRA’s & private investors that is been very successful.

IRA Lending – Loan money to a borrower who uses real estate as collateral. Think of it as your IRA as a mortgage lender. Your IRA can lend money to qualified persons & secure the note with real estate mortgages.

Self-directed IRA’s give you the flexibility to loan money like private individuals or banks. You do have control in choosing the borrower, loan amount, interest rates and terms. The loan would be secured by the real estate that you loan on.

We pay very favorable rates. For example depending on the property, units, etc. are rates we are current paying 12% with $1,000 prepayment penalty for between 7-15 years (or longer if you prefer). We currently are primarily a property management company with over 300 units and under a 3% vacancy rate. We have an extensive background in buying, selling, foreclosures, tax deeds, short sales, estates, auctions, etc. I hold a New York state broker license, a Florida sales license and an EPA repair, renovating & painting (RRP) license.

We have great opportunities to buy houses for great prices every day. Any loan we do on a property you will be in first position. We have many examples of properties I have done and currently have. Below is one example of the most recent property in Rochester, NY we purchased using an investors IRA.

Orange St. – Duplex
Purchase price – 17,500
Loan terms – 10%, 10 year loan with $1,000 pre-payment when property is sold
Monthly mortgage amount – $231.26

Rental info.
Upstairs – 2 bedroom $550
Downstairs – 3 bedroom $650

$1200.00 – gross monthly rent
-$176.15 – monthly taxes
-$231.26 – mortgage
-$40.00 – water/sewer
-$120.00 – 10% vacancy/collection


$632.59 monthly positive cash flow

I appreciate your time, and if you are interested in making a solid investment with a great return contact me @ 585-490-3705 and we go over and questions & discuss details.


Here is a list of IRA Custodians

List of Large Self Directed IRA Custodians (Over $2 Billion under custody):

Equity Trust Company (acquired Sterling Trust Company)

First Trust Company of Onaga

Guidant Financial (TPA)

Millennium Trust Company

Pensco Trust Company (acquired Lincoln Trust Company)

Provident Trust Group

Trust Company of America

List of Mid-sized Self Directed IRA Custodians ($500 Million – $2 Billion)

GoldStar Trust Company

New Direction IRA (TPA)

NuView IRA (TPA)

SunWest Trust

Company Vantage IRA (TPA)

List of Small Self Directed IRA Custodians (<$500 Million)

American IRA (TPA)

Quest IRA (TPA)

Next Generation Trust Services (TPA)

Self Directed IRA Services, Inc. (Horizon Bank)

Self Directed IRA Custodians of Unknown Size (have not disclosed amount under custody):

Advanta IRA (TPA)

American Estate & Trust

American Pension Services (TPA)

Capital IRA (TPA)

Community National Bank

The Entrust Group (TPA)

Exeter (TPA)

Horizon Trust Company IRA Club (TPA)

IRA Resources (TPA)

IRA Services Trust Company

Kingdom Trust Company

Nevada Trust Company

Nexus Direct IRA (TPA)

PolyComp Trust Company

Preferred Trust Company

Premier Trust

RealTrust IRA Alternatives (TPA)

Sovereign International Pension Services (TPA)

Summit Trust Company uDirect IRA (TPA)

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