Wholesale Deals

We pride ourselves on streamlining the investment property buying process. We’ll discuss your current & future investment needs & goals, then assess the best possible path & properties to achieve that. Being a licensed broker, we have access to 1000’s of listings in Rochester, NY that motivated sellers & banks want to get rid of. Now is the time to get going, with Rochester, NY being one of the best cash flow cities in the world & currently being a buyer’s market, now is the time.

Our service is not common in the investment property area of real estate. Most investment buyer’s agents simple work under a residential real estate broker. They are not familiar with the in’s & out’s of property management. If you do not have reliable, legal & knowledgeable management in place, no matter how great of a deal of property you get, chances are it will fail for numerous reasons.

We wanted to create a one stop shop. Where normally you would find an agent online who is trying to sell the property they have listed. They really don’t care about the management, as long as they sell the house. They might give you the name of a friend or a random company in the phonebook. That’s where the downfall could begin, from unlicensed property managers, unscrupulous contracts, etc. With our main business being property management and 90% of our clients are out of state and have been in that situation and we put the puzzle back together. We want to maximize a properties full potential from the day you purchase it.

Once we get a plan set-up for you we will send you a customized list of available properties to dissect & evaluate. Whether your local or out the area we can set up showings for you or we can preview the property, take pictures, etc. We can give you a detailed evaluation of the property and what proposed repairs the property will need currently to make it rentable, future costs & possible rents. We also have a large network of professional inspectors, roofers, and other specialist contractors who can do inspections, if needed.

What costs are involved to find a investment property?

$0 – We would get paid from the seller. When a property is listed the seller agrees to pay a commission for selling their property. Some companies that sell investment property or turnkey properties, charge an additional fee, Usually in the $1,000’s.

You can contact me on my cell phone 585-490-3705 with any questions or discuss how to get started. You can also email me frank@tamburrinoproperties.com. If you prefer, below is a form where you can give me information about your portfolio, looking for a management change, or simply just looking to get started in investment property.

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