Rochester NY #1 Cash Flow Market

Top 10 Cash Flow Property Markets

NuWire’s rankings of the areas with the best potential for cash flow

Cash flow is one of the most important considerations investors face when making real estate purchases, particularly now that so many markets across the country are struggling. Those seeking high-income property should take cash flow into account first and foremost when deciding whether or not to buy.

Cash flow refers to the amount of cash coming in relative to the amount going out. In ranking the top 10, potential for future appreciation was not considered; this list is ranked on cash flow alone. While appreciation is often the most significant form of profit for real estate investors, cash flow is easier to determine and lower risk.

Although many elements combine to influence cash flow, one of the most important ones is the surrounding market. Areas with lower home prices are more likely to have positive cash flow.

To determine our top 10 cash flow real estate markets, NuWire adjusted the average rent payment for the area according to the rental vacancy rate before comparing it to the amount spent monthly on mortgage payments and upkeep, including utilities, taxes and insurance. Mortgage payments were estimated based on an average loan—30 years at 80 percent loan-to-value and a rate of 6.5 percent—and the median cost of a home in the area. Statistics were gathered from U.S. Census data.

 Homes in Rochester are affordable and monthly median upkeep costs are low

1. Rochester, New York

Despite the fact that Rochester’s population fell by 6.74 percent, from 219,773 to 204,963 between 2000 and 2006, and the fact that it has the highest rental vacancy on this list at 17.9 percent, Rochester still managed to claim the lead as the city with the best cash flow for investors. Homes in Rochester are affordable, at a median price of $67,600, and median monthly upkeep costs and estimated mortgage payments are low, at $418 and $341.82, respectively. The median gross rent in the area is $669.


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