Rochester NY Property Managment

We pride ourselves on being the most efficient and diligent Rochester NY property management company. Whether you are a new property investor or a seasoned investor, we have full scaleable solutions for everyone. The majority of our business comes from out of the area investors we are usually handed properties where owners are unaware of the condition of there property, rent & tenant status. We have a proven process in place to turn these non-performing properties around ASAP even with-out any information or cooperation from previous management companies. We work closely with the city inspectors, case workers & tenants to resolve issues in priority until everything is running smoothly. It is important that you know at all times who is in your properties, when rents were received, repairs that were done, etc. That is why we have a 24/7 real time online secure system, which you will have full access to.

 Investment Property

Our familiarity to the City of Rochester with our office being in the city, majority of our property and work are also in the city, we are aware and contstantly coming across investment properties. We are also a full service real estate broker with MLS access as well.

Private Lending

We are looking to raise capital for our growing business. Your money will be secured by a first position loan with great rates.


Tamburrino Properties is Rochester's premier property management group. Call us today!